Lowering Costs for Families

I believe in an economy that works from the middle class out–not trickle down–putting working families at the center of economic policies. I believe in equal pay for equal work, a tax structure that requires big business to pay its fair share, and in creating good jobs by investing in small and mid-sized businesses. I believe in the importance of driving technological innovation and economic growth, including through blockchain technology and the digital asset industry. I believe in removing the barriers to economic freedom and opportunity for our most marginalized communities such as communities of color, LGBTQ folks, and the disability community.

In our country today, there is too much wealth in too few hands. We can build a better future for all of us by strengthening the middle class, by giving folks the opportunity to earn a good wage and benefits, keep their lights on and food on their table, and have money in their pockets. We can create more jobs and grow our economy through comprehensive regulatory frameworks that encourage innovation while protecting consumers.

In Congress, I will work across the aisle to make sure that working class families like mine are able to earn a decent living where we can put food on the table, pay our bills, and breathe a little easier toward the end of the month.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund sole endorses Emily.

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