Improving Education

After graduating from my local high school, I became the first in my family to graduate from college — I understand and believe in the value of quality education to level the playing field. As the Senate Chair of the Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee, I have focused on opening doors wider for all students, and ensuring that whichever path a student chooses is well supported. We’ve made Washington State one of the most affordable states in which to go to college, while also strengthening our apprenticeship and career training system. I’ve also passed policies that help increase diversity in medical school admissions, ensure patients receive affordable and culturally competent care, and  worked to expand the Latino Centers for Health at University of Washington. 

I believe in equal access to good schools and well-compensated teachers no matter our zip-code or family background. Every student deserves a quality education from pre-K to post-high school. And that post-high school path might be college and it might be an apprenticeship, but it should prepare students for tomorrow’s job market without saddling them with insurmountable debt.

In Congress, I will support efforts to make all educational pathways affordable and accessible to all students.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund sole endorses Emily.

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