Defending Democracy

We are at a critical moment for our democracy, and protecting the right to vote for Americans is crucial. This starts with ensuring that all eligible voters have access to the ballot box. I will continue to fight to remove barriers to voting and ensure every citizen’s voice is heard. 

Washington’s 6th District deserves a champion who will work as hard for them, as they work for their families. For too long, too many in Congress have placed partisan politics and corporate special interests above The People and that needs to end. 

As a member of Congress, I will be dedicated to lifting up the voices of Americans–not special interests. I am a part of the community I am running to represent–I see my constituents at the grocery store, and one thing that I consistently hear is that they appreciate the stand I’ve taken against taking corporate PAC money since I started running for office. They know where I stand, and it’s with them, not corporate special interests. 

In Congress, I will continue to fight hard to safeguard and defend the right to vote for all eligible voters, and to ensure that those who are most impacted by legislation have a say in that legislation. 

Planned Parenthood Action Fund sole endorses Emily.

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