Safeguarding Access to Abortion

From passing Reproductive Health Access for All in 2019, to working to ensure student health plans covered abortion care, to ending cost sharing, to preserving access to mifepristone, I have been a leader on reproductive health policy in Washington – and have worked in coalition with reproductive justice partners. I will continue that work – as a coalition builder and a policy maker – in DC.

In Washington state, I have been one of the top abortion rights and reproductive rights advocates. I have sponsored legislation to block religious hospital mergers that lead to reduced reproductive healthcare and gender affirming care access; extend postpartum healthcare coverage support birthing parents for a full year after giving birth; expand the types of healthcare professionals who can perform abortions require all health plans to cover reproductive healthcare and contraception; and many other pieces of legislation expanding access to healthcare generally and reproductive freedom specifically. 

I work closely with reproductive care providers and advocates to find more ways to expand and protect access to this essential aspect of basic healthcare – including regulating CPCs/fake clinics in 2024! I am proud to have a 100% lifetime pro-choice voting record. 

In Congress, 6th District voters can be sure that I will fight as hard for abortion rights as I do in Washington State.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund sole endorses Emily.

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